Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Letter of Apology to Our Second Born Child

Dear Eloise,

Since this January, I have been caring for you and your older brother Caden. Unfortunately for you, your life is based on Caden's schedule and not your very own schedule. Luckily, you are good-natured about this and are willing to go with the flow.

When Caden was your age, he got to sleep when he wanted to sleep uninterrupted, go to swim class and story time, eat when he wanted to eat and got picked up pretty much the instant he started to cry. This is what happens when the world revolves around you.

Since you are the second child, your first year of life has been quite different than Caden’s first year. Therefore, I would like to apologize to you for the following:

  • Waking you up when I had to go pick up Caden
  • Letting you cry a little longer so I could attend to Caden's needs
  • Turning my back on you for one second and your brother somehow using that one second to knock you over or stomp on your hand, etc.
  • Since our lives revolve around Caden's activities, I apologize for not taking you to swim class or many free library story times. That being said, these were mostly lame until kids turn about 18 months.
  • Anything Caden did to you in the double Bob stroller that I could not see because of the covers and the fact I was busy running or walking the dog.

Despite these inconveniences, I do feel I am a better parent the second time around. I am in tune for when you are hungry, sleepy or not feeling well. I now know some tricks to keep you safe and happy. I am also more patient and less stressed out as we have been through all this before. Also, I have learned to appreciate the little things (rolling over, crawling, babbling) much more since these things go by way too fast.

Again, I hope you accept this apology. Oh, and if we decide to have child #3, I apologize in advance for giving you the Middle Child Syndrome.




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