Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to Travel with 2 Kids Under the Age of 3 in 25 Easy Steps

We recently traveled to Chicago and Indiana for my brother's graduation, my mother's retirement party and visiting family. Here is how we survived flying from Los Angeles to Chicago in 25 easy steps.

1. Have a super organized spouse.
2. Said spouse makes a spreadsheet of all packing supplies.
3. Pack all the tiny kids clothes in a huge suitcase and wonder how it is possible that all those clothes take up so much space. 
Cram your stuff into carry on. Feel proud that you packed suitcases while still watching two kids.
4. Realize you don't know where 25% of the things on the packing list currently reside.
5. Make sure there are TV shows and/or movie loaded on to the iPad. Get over the fact that your child will be having 2-3 hours of "screen time". Also, purchase some new toys, books and stickers that may or may not entertain your toddler.
On the car rental shuttle at O'Hare.

6. Text taxi driver to confirm pick up. Taxi must arrive 2.5 hours before departure.
7. Have a huge car seat bag. Throw all the things that do not fit in your luggage in said bag.
8. If you have a morning flight, wake up early so you can actually shower before getting both kids ready for the flight.
9. Somehow load two car seats into the taxi with all the luggage. Make sure both kids are in the car seats as you tax off.
10. Pay the cab driver and force yourself into the sky cab line. Stuff the car seats into their car seat bags with random luggage. Negotiate with the sky cab on how many bags the airline will charge you. Realize that you need a new luggage system for a family of four. Make sure to keep your stroller as it is used for pushing kids and/or remaining luggage.
11. Tell your spouse how much you tipped the taxi cab driver and sky cab. Begin to question yourself on your tip amount. Tell yourself to never tell your spouse your tip amounts in the future.
12. Pray that your flight will be on time.
13. Somehow take off your shoes, belt, jacket, etc. while holding onto a child. Hope that you can find a family having a worst time than you. Luckily once, we spotted a family of four where the mother said "this is a disaster!"
14. After getting through security, find ways to entertain your kids while waiting to board the plane and pay an insane amount for food to eat while on the plane.
15. While boarding the plane, give mean looks to people who are flying solo and show your envy of them.
16. Pray that you still have the iPad.
17. Hope that you are sitting by an understanding parent or loving, sweet grandparent.
18. Try to entertain your toddler with new toys and stickers. Give up and ask said toddler if they want to watch a video on the iPad.
19. Even though the seat belt sign is on and the flight attendants are serving drinks, go to the back of the plane and try to get your infant to sleep. Get into an argument with the flight attendant. Tell them that you understand the seat belt light is on, but you need to get your child to sleep.
20. After infant is sleeping on your chest, hope they stay that way for the next 3 hours. Realize you will not be getting a drink with a sleeping infant on your chest.
21. Make sure both kids are awake when the flight lands. We have found out the hard way that it is difficult to get off a plane with 2 sleeping kids and 3 bags.
21. Hopefully locate your luggage and try to swipe a luggage cart. Try to figure out how to get kids and luggage out to the taxi cab pick up area.
22. Taking a risk to not rent a car until we leave the hotel two days later, pray that the taxi cab line is not too long. We have learned this the hard way and once had to cram into a town car with a lady who will always be a saint to us.
23. Negotiate with the cab driver and fight through traffic to the hotel.
24. Pay and tip and taxi cab driver and the hotel bellman. Do not disclose to your spouse how much the tip was this time.
25. Realize that it wasn't that bad and your kids love taxi cabs, airplanes, and hotels.

After surviving travel with these 25 easy steps, remember that you have to do it all over again to get back home.

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  1. I have one to add: Ensure that your child, who endured a 6-hour plane delay in the airport and remained awake for 5-1/2 hours of flying time, does not fall asleep on the descent at 9:00 pm.