Monday, March 3, 2014

Texting: The SAHD's Best Friend

What we do without it?

Perhaps one of the reasons for the increases in Dad's who are staying at home now is texting. Texting for a stay at home parent is amazing. For a Dad, it is even more amazing. This is for two reasons:

  1. Try to talk on the phone with one baby, toddler, etc. around you, let alone 2 or dare I say it 3 kids who are depending on you.
  2. I might be wrong about this, but men abhor talking on the phone. I would say my communicating with other male friends has gone up 100 fold since I started texting. I have never enjoyed talking on the phone, but that might be a family trait passed down from my Dad.
During the day, texting can help out in a variety of ways.  Some are practical reasons, some are for entertainment reasons and some let's just say help get you through the day.  The following ways are how texting are a SAHD's best friend:
  • Playdate coordinating:  A great way to invite others to your outing, tell others if you will be at a playground, beach, park, etc. and a great way to hear from others what they are doing that day. Again, no one is going to call each other to share this information.  And often, email is too slow.
  • Entertainment: My friends who are stay at home Dads and Moms often text each other photos or stories about their days.  If you are having one of those long and tiresome day, this is the equivalent of a pick me up bouquet.
  • Communicating with family: Most of my family lives 2-3 time zones away. It is often difficult to call them during the day (they are at work) and at night you are too exhausted to email them an update. Texting is a great way to relay updates on your kids through a story or photo.
So let's raise a glass to Friedhelm Hillebrand, along with his colleague Bernard Ghillebaert for apparently inventing texting.  The world of stay at home parents thank you.

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