Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Online Shopping and Delivery: Glorious with Two Kids

Life as a Stay at Home Dad is often challenging, tiring and time consuming.  However, today's parents have one huge advantage: online delivery services.
Shopping with two kids.

If an item can be shipped, our family has had it shipped to us. My brilliant wife Susan often sees one of our kids with a problem or needs help with a new stage in life.  In two days, there is a new product on our doorstep to help us in solving the problem or getting our kid to the next stage.  In our house, it has become known as "Amazoning".

Before you think I am getting off easy by either my wife or I ordering goods online instead of hunting, er, shopping for them, let me explain the difficulties of shopping in Los Angeles:
  1. The nearest "big box" store in our area is a 20-25 minute drive to Target.  The nearest Wal-Mart might as well be in Arkansas.  Wal-Mart will never be in Santa Monica or Los Angeles.  
  2. Even if we make the trek to Target, good luck lugging two kids, toilet paper, paper towels, and laundry detergent around in a shopping cart through a parking lot.
  3. The cities of Santa Monica and Los Angeles have banned plastic bags.  So along with remembering your children, shopping list and wallet, you have to remember your cloth shopping bags.
  4. We live in a town home with underground parking.  Again, how do you get the supplies up the stairs with said two kids?
  5. Newsflash: Men do not like to shop.  I make dinner for the family 4-6 times a week and do enjoy shopping for food.  However, would rather order other household goods online.
  6. Again, since the nearest large retail store is 20-25 minutes away, we are stuck with walking to a CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid.  Let's just say these places do not have the most competitive prices.
With that being said, here is an easy to follow guide to online shopping options.
  • Amazon: See above. Amazing selection and prices.  Before kids, we were members of Amazon Prime, mostly to ship gifts home to family members in the Midwest.  Now, it is mostly to keep our sanity. Free shipping on pretty much everything imaginable. I swear my wife is often ordering things in her sleep and boxes magically appear.  Used to be tax free until the State of California moved in.
  • Von's: Yes, Von's delivers groceries.  Amazing.  Again, not my first choice as I like to be inspired to cook while shopping and also like to shop at Ralph's, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's as well.  They often send you promotions for free shipping.  This and Amazon Fresh pretty much saved us for the first three months after Eloise was born.
  •  They not only deliver fast, but somehow have the friendliest delivery employees of all time.  Limited selection.
  •  Yes, the evil big box store also delivers. Free shipping on orders over $50.  Fast and easy.  No judging please.
  • 1800PetMeds: Great for pet medications, which can be expensive.  We have even had dog food delivered. Unfortunately, you get a ton of email once you used this service.
Along with texting and drive thrus, online shopping is a SAHD's best friend.

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