Saturday, March 1, 2014

How Much are Stay at Home Dads Worth?

The true salary of a Stay at Home Dad

Am I Worth $15 an Hour?

For families who live in major urban areas like Los Angeles where we live, nannies/caregivers are often paid $15 an hour for providing child care.  With two children, the costs often increases to $20 an hour.  Day care centers in West Los Angeles range from $1,500 to $2,200 a month.

Most men take pride in their jobs and making a good living.  We were raised to be the bread winner, either by our families, the culture or perhaps it is just instinctual.

Very few men become the stay at home parent.  The numbers I have read recently are in the 3 to 5 percent range.  Many of the Stay at Home Dads (SAHD) in LA are often Dads who actually work from home in writing, graphic design, etc.  
Thanks for being a Stay at Home Dad!

I am actually a SAHD who works as a SAHD full time. Not only do I take care of our two kids on a full time basis, I also clean our house, run errands, take kids to classes and make dinner for the family at night. Before becoming a SAHD, I obtained my undergraduate and graduate degrees, had built a 10 year degree and just started making a low six figure income.

So am I now worth $15 an hour?  Even if I am, I do not get paid at all for being a SAHD!

Luckily a new study shows that stay at home parents are worth $115,000 a year.  Great!  This is much better than being worth $15 an hour

When I became a full time SAHD, it was difficult not receiving a paycheck every two weeks.  There is something about making money for your family. However, once you realize what you are truly worth, you begin to understand that you are providing for your family with raising the kids, keeping them healthy, teaching them discipline, reading to them, taking them on play dates, literally putting on band aids while also doing laundry, dishes, grocery shopping and cooking.

So if you are a SAHD or thinking of becoming a SAHD don't worry: you are worth $115k a year, not $15 an hour.

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